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Curriculum and Instruction

John J. Christie, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction 

Lalaena Alfredsson
K-12 Director of ELA
Phone: (631)801-3110
Jessica Mintz, Ph.D.
K-12 Director of Science
Phone: (631)-801-3108
Justin Grover
K-12 Director of Mathematics
Phone: (631) 801-3113
Stephen Posselt, Ed.D. 
K-12 Director of Social Studies 
Phone: (631) 801-3112
Monique Lopez-Walters
Director of World Language, ENL, and FLES
Phone: (631) 801-3024
Mrs. Kelly Johnson
Secretary for the Office of Curriculum and Instruction
Phone: (631) 801-3020


The Office of Curriculum and  Instruction is responsible for the consistency and articulation of curriculum, pedagogical research, testing, and academic enrichment/intervention services district-wide. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is committed to alignment of educational experiences K-12. To that end, we are also responsible for providing professional development opportunities for instructional personnel.

Eastport-South Manor Central School District strives to provide all students with the highest quality core curriculum during their primary, elementary, and secondary years. ESM students have opportunities to immerse themselves in a variety of content-based subject matter, as well as the arts. Our Elementary Curriculum places a strong emphasis on foundational reading and writing skills by way of a balanced literacy approach through The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College Columbia University. By focusing our efforts on instructional best practices during these years, we can lift the level of student learning in English, mathematics, science, and social studies. All students will engage in additional learning experiences that include physical education and health, art, music, technology, and languages other than English. Rigor and enrichment (and when necessary, remediation) that’s developmentally appropriate and child centered is at the forefront of curriculum development and the delivery of instruction within all ESM school buildings.

Fostering life-long learners who are collaborative, resilient, and can think critically to solve complex world problems are the underpinnings of a meaningful curriculum. Equally important is the development of the social, emotional, and physical child – for these are the requisite skills needed for children to understand the importance of manners, respect, kindness, and compassion for others. These precise skills are also embedded within our core curriculum.

If you have any questions regarding our K-12 instructional program we encourage you to reach out to our office or your child’s teacher or principal.