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ESM Office of Curriculum and Instruction

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The Office of Curriculum & Instruction is dedicated to meeting the academic and social and emotional needs of our students K-12. We are committed to implementing the Board of Education Goal of promoting Academic Excellence through a curriculum that, “Challenges students through a rigorous curriculum that provides a breadth of opportunities to prepare them for the future and promotes curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and citizenship.”

The Office of Curriculum Instruction page is designed to provide families with a window into the experiences your children have across their K-12 academic experience. You can navigate the sidebar on the left to learn more about the latest initiatives and most recent news from the Office of Curriculum & Instruction. We have a great team in place to support your children. Below is our contact information. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with questions that you have regarding your child’s instructional experiences.


John Christie, Ed.D

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
(631) 801-3020

Kelly Johnson

Secretary to The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
(631) 801-3020


Lalaena Alfredsson

Director of ELA K-12
(631) 801-3110
Justin Grover

Justin Grover

Director of Math K-12
(631) 801-3113


Director of World Languages, ENL, and FLES

Jessica Mintz, Ph. D.

Jessica Mintz, Ph. D.

Director of Science K-12
(631) 801-3108
Stephen Posselt, Ed.D.

Stephen Posselt, Ed.D.

Director of Social Studies K-12
(631) 801-3112