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Central Administration

District Administration
Joseph A. Steimel Superintendent of Schools (631) 801‑3002
Timothy Laube Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations (631) 801‑3001
Linda A. Weiss Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Student Services (631) 801‑3022
John J. Christie, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction (631) 801‑3020
Lalaena Alfredsson Director of K-12 ELA (631) 801‑3110
Justin Grover Director of K-12 Mathematics
(631) 801-3113
Jessica Mintz, Ph.D. Director of K-12 Science   (631) 801‑3108
Stephen G. Posselt, Ed.D.
Director of K-12 Social Studies
(631) 801-3112
TBD Director of World Languages, ENL, FLES (631) 801‑3024
William Madsen Interim Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics (631) 801‑3310
Carole Polney, Ed.D. Director of Instructional Technology (631) 801‑3043
Benjamin Franquiz Director of Special Education (631) 801‑3031
James O'Connor Director of Facilities (631) 801‑3047
Kathleen Petrenko
Assistant Director of Special Education
Elementary Schools
John-Michael J. Jackson Principal, South Street School (631) 801‑3141
Jeanmarie Zambelli Principal, Tuttle Avenue School (631) 801‑3058
Shelita Watkis Principal, Dayton Avenue School (631) 801‑3081
Thomas Fabian Principal, Eastport Elementary School (631) 801‑3171
ESM Junior-Senior High School
Salvatore Alaimo Principal, High School (631) 801‑3253
Steven Giacolone Interim Assistant Principal, Junior-Senior High School (631) 801‑3250
James McClintock Assistant Principal, Junior-Senior High School (631) 801‑3290
Kristyn Pellegrini Assistant Principal, Junior-Senior High School (631) 801‑3292