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Mental Health Resources and Outreach

Our school counselors are available to help students protect their mental health.  Many students are struggling with their mental health and the symptoms can manifest in different ways.  If you have any concerns about the social-emotional health of your child, please reach out to our Social Worker or Psychologist.  Here are some additional resources that may be helpful during challenging times. 


Suicide Lifelines

Emergency Services

  • Dash631-952-3333
    24 hour crisis emergency services related to mental health, substance abuse and  life stressors.
    Address: 90 Adams Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 
  • Department of Social Services: 631-854-9100
    Suffolk County Department of Social Services Emergency Services Hotline for housing, food, and heat. Emergency line after 4:30PM.
  • Mobile Crisis: 631-952-3333
    24 hour hotline. Professionals will conduct a risk assessment, develop a safety  plan, and recommend outpatient services.
  • Trauma and Suicide: 1-888-3754-2228
    24 hour hotline. Immediate guidance to individuals, groups and families struggling with crisis, suicide, grief or disaster.
  • Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk: 631-360-3606
    Resources for domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Crisis Intervention APS: 631- 854-3195
    Adult Protective Services.
  • CPS: (800) 342-3720
    Child Protective Services.

Psychiatric Emergency Services

Community Resources