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Project Hope

  • Project Hope                    project hope spanish

     (631) 500 0837

    Emotional Support Helpline Talk or text to a crisis counselor in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Sometimes it’s just good to talk it out… Life as you knew it and lived it has changed with COVID-19. One important thing to know now is that each person reacts differently and that looking for help to sort out and understand your feelings is a strength, not a weakness.

    This list of resources includes:

    • Food Pantries
    • Childcare
    • Clothing
    • Covid-19
    • Law Enforcement
    • Mental Health
    • Legal Services
    • Housing
    • Employment
    • Libraries
    • And more…

    Project Hope is an organization that can help you… no matter what it is that you need. They have built a list of resources from the five towns of Suffolk County that can assist you as you work to make the connections you need to manage the changes in your life.

    Please see the attached presentation and flyers.

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    Project Hope March 2021 -  SEL Committee Presentation  Passcode: 8Mm%0*TK


    Project Hope Presentation                 

    Project Hope en espanol

Quarantine Office Hours

  • Please use the below links to access the "Office Hours" for students who are quarantined only.  

    K - 6 Letter (English)

    K - 6 Letter (Spanish)

    7 - 12 Letter (English)

    7 - 12 Letter (Spanish)


    Please be sure you have completed the INTAKE FORM in the section below for your child(ren).

Student Intake Form for Office Hours

  • Please complete the below form for each of your children who are currently quarantined and need access to "Office Hours".  Be sure that you have the start and end dates supplied by the building's COVID Tracer when completing this form. 

    K - 2 Students

    3 - 6 Students

    7 -12 Students

Digital Common Sense

  • Eastport-South Manor Central School District was inspired to become a Common Sense Digitally Certified School District because our students were using digital devices and social networking with very little guidance on how to be safe, responsible and respectful citizens. We saw a lack of transfer from real life situations into the digital community. We wanted to diminish the existence of cyber-bullying. We also wanted students to use digital information ethically by taking pride in their own original content and properly citing sources and giving credit to original creators.