Leaders Club Application Process

  • To become a member of Leaders Club you need teacher approval & 20 points

    • Students can apply/reapply every trimester.
    • There is a total of 37 possible points for a student to get.
    • Students are responsible for bringing the materials they need in a timely fashion and keeping track of and writing their points down.
    • Once a student has shown interest and signed up, they must be pre-approved to continue on with the process. This will take place the week before report cards are issued.
    • Their name will be sent to all their teachers, lunch aids, custodians, and the main office to see if there are any issues. Students should be doing well in their classes and conduct themselves accordingly around the building and on the bus, especially in their Physical Education classes.
    • Once approved applicants bring in their Report Card from the most recent trimester, their most recent Fitnessgram, and tally up their points prior to the application deadline.
    • The application deadline to have 20 points is usually set 1 week around the time after report cards are issued or when it’s the beginning of the year the date that is set by their P.E Teacher.
    • Scoring rubrics are located for student viewing on the Dayton Avenue website under physical education and in the gym to look at any time. Applicants should be familiar with the process before signing up.

    1.  If the report card is not available, students can go to the main office to get a copy of their report card when it’s ok with their classroom teacher. New students should bring in their Report card from their previous school.

    2.  Fitnessgrams if not available can be obtained by making an appointment with their PE teacher when they are available and when it’s ok with the classroom teacher.

    • Students bring their Fitnessgram to their P.E. teacher with their points tallied and their teacher will help them verify their points. They then sign up to show interest and have their P.E. teacher initial their points.
    • Student’s names will then be sent to teachers and staff for approval to see how their conduct is throughout the building.
    • If students are not approved they should work on whatever did not allow them to continue on and then can reapply another trimester.
    • If approved, students then bring their report card in and tally their points and have their P.E. Teacher verify those points by initialing them.
    • If a student does not get 20 combined points from their Report Card and Fitnessgram, they then have to skill test (see Skill Testing).
    • Once 20 points have been attained they will then receive a ticket outlining the next steps:

    1.  Write a paragraph why they want to be a leader

    2.  Bring their ticket (obtained by their P.E. teacher) and 5 dollars to the front office to pay for their shirt and whistle.

    3.  Get the ticket signed and bring it back to their PE teacher to receive their shirt and whistle.

    4.  Make up their schedule. Students can come during their lunch or check with their classroom teacher with times that work with them to come down to the gym or help in the Pre K classroom (if available).

    • Students can come up to twice a week in 5th grade and 3 times in 6th depending on their classroom schedule and the Physical Education schedule. 
    • Every trimester leaders must reapply and maintain 20 points to be in good standing or go on probation.
    • Any student that is not in good standing with 20 points cannot attend leaders’ functions. Functions are things like Field day or Big Little Night.
    • If a student has lower than 20 points and is already a leader we will work with them to get their points back up. This can include skill testing or if academically they are having trouble a progress report may be given out on a weekly basis to make sure the student is keeping up in the classroom.


Skill Testing

  • To be done in the event a student does not have 20 combined points from their Report Card and Fitnessgram

    • Students must familiarize themselves with the skill tests before testing. They should know what lines, equipment, number, and time needed for each skill.
    • Currently there are ten skills each worth 2 points. (See the scoring rubric for a list of the skills.)
    • Skill testing can be done at first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes of every period and during a student’s P.E. time during the application period if ok with their classroom teacher.
    • Each skill test can be done once a day every day during the application period if it works in with the student’s schedule.
    • Students can practice a skill as much as they need or want.
    • A time will be set up for extra help in the morning at 8am to accommodate students as well during the application period.
    • During the day students check with their classroom teacher and P.E. teacher to see when they can come down and skill test.
    • Depending on the amount of points a student needs they should try and pick what they think they are the best at to test with.
    • When students are ready they should let the teacher know so they can watch them do the skill test.
    • If the skill is not passed students can do it again the next day.
    • If the skill is passed the student writes down the points on the skill sheet and has their teacher initial it.
    • Once passed that skill is closed to an applicant and they cannot do the skill again to get more points.
    • If a student passes a skill they can use it 2x when applying for leaders club. (Example: Let’s say a student has 18 points and passes a skill to get in at the end of the 1st trimester to get their 20 points. They reapply for the 2nd trimester and they only have 19 points they can use that skill they passed previously to achieve the 20 they need.  The following trimester they must take that skill test over.)



  • Students and parents need to keep in mind that the deadline and all the information listed above is given to 5th and 6th grade classes numerous times and we will be posting it in the gym and around the school.  If students aren’t sure of something please ask a classmate or try to find the information.  If they can’t find it ask their P.E. teacher.  If parents have questions try to ask your child or go online to find out the information.  If students miss the deadline they can always reapply the next time.  We hope that this information helps with the application process.



    The Physical Education Department