Science Department

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    Testing Days are Mondays & Thursdays!!!

    Please see below for Teacher's and TA's list of courses taught and extra help days.
    Mr. Baruch
    Math/Science Department Chair
    Teacher                 Course(s)                                                              Extra Help Day
    Ms. Aracri               Science 7 & Natural Hazards                                     Wednesday
    Mr. Bolen                AP Biology & Introduction to Science Research             Wednesday
    Ms. Breheny            Speical Education & Science                                     Tuesday
    Ms. Burgos              Chemistry                                                              Wednesday
    Ms. Failla                Science 7 / Merterology / Genatics & Biotech               Wednesday
    Mr. Fine                  Science 7 & Natural Hazards                                     Wednesday
    Mr. Grilli                  Living Environment                                                  Wednesday
    Ms. Harris               Chemistry                                                              Tuesday
    Ms. Hauer               Earth Science                                                         Thursday
    Mr. Hughes             Marine Science / Astronomy / Living Environment           Thursday
    Ms. Knoell               Living Environment                                                   Wednesday
    Mr. Lever                AP Physics and Physics                                            Monday
    Mr. Milano               Chemistry                                                              Wednesday
    Ms. Murray              Living Environment                                                  Thursday
    Mr. Ostensen           AP Environmental Science / Intro. to Sci. Research       Wednesday
    Mr. Plymale             Earth Science                                                         Wednesday
    Ms. Spadafora         Earth Science                                                         Wednesday
    Dr. Spata               AP Biology / Living Environment / Anatomy & Phys.         Wednesday
    Ms. Starbuck          Forensic Science / Syr. Univ. Forensic / Earth Sci.          Tues/Wed
    Ms. Tuttle              AP Chemistry / Chemistry                                           Thursday
    Mr. Walter              Earth Science                                                          Monday
    Ms. Ward                Physics                                                                  Wednesday