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    Accent Mark Practice

    To make an accented letter in Spanish (áéíóúñ), you have to use an alt key + number combination. You press down the alt key on the keyboard and type a number on the small numeric keypad on the right-side of the keyboard. You must also have the NumLock key on. This will not work if you use the regular number keys above the letters.

    If you are using a laptop computer, you'll have to use the Fn key. On some laptops, the Fn keys are in blue. If you hold down the alt key, hold the Fn key and type the number on the blue keys and then release all the keys, you'll get the accented character.

    Write the code numbers on a piece of paper for future reference:

    á ALT 160

    é ALT 130

    í ALT 161

    ó ALT 162

    ú ALT 163

    ñ ALT 164

    ¿ ALT 168

    ¡ ALT 173


    On a MAC computer, accents are much simpler. Simply hold down the Option key plus E, release, then type the letter you want the accent placed on. For an upside-down exclamation point, it's Option + 1, and for an upside-down question mark, it is Option + Shift + ?. For the tilde over the n, it is Option +n.