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  • Hello!  My name is Mr. Perez and I will be your math teacher this year.  I am dedicated to helping you achieve success and will give 100% of my effort toward that goal.  I am sure you will do the same! 

    To find homework assignments or a schedule of upcoming exams for your class, go to our SCHOOLOGY page.

    Homework Quizzes are 15% of the Quarter grade, so do your homework every night and correct any mistakes the next day in class.

    All exams are worth 85% of each Quarter grade. 

    Please log in to Parent Portal for frequent updates of your grades.

Study Sheets - Castle Learning website assignments

  • Study Sheet assignments must be completed by the day of the exam.

    A separate loose leaf work page (may be scrap) must be handed in for full credit.  It must show all appropriate work for the problems.

    Castle Learning website:  www.castlelearning.com

    If the link is not working, please copy & paste in your browser.

    Your ID is your (4 or 5-digit) school id number preceded by "esm."  

    For example:   esm.1234

    Your (first) password is: password

    You will be prompted to change your password for the next login session.

    If you have any problems logging in please see me.

Email Mr. Perez

  • If you have any questions, email me.  I will generally get back to you in a few hours.  PerezD@esmonline.org 


  • Wednesdays in room 2903 from 2:10 - 2:55