Order your yearbook...

  • To order a yearbook, click on the Jostens link below:


    and follow the directions.  

    Linda Rotanz (rotanzl@esmonline.org) and Carrie Ebel (ebelc@esmonline.org) are the Senior Yearbook Advisors

Important Dates 2020-2021

  • Submit your photos to www.ReplayIt.com as soon as possible.  The Yearbook would like to include as many students' pictures as possible.  So, submit your photos soon.

      Please remember to label your photos and tag everyone in the photo!


    9/1/2020 - 5/24/2021 - Online Yearbook Orders open

    10/31/2020 - Senior Portrait Choice Due

    12/31/2020 - All photos submissions uploaded to www.ReplayIt.com

    2/1/2021 - Parent Ads are Due (No late ads will be accepted!  No Exceptions!)

    Please order your yearbook early!

    Prices rise during the school year!

Upload Photos - Replay It

  • Photos may be uploaded to ReplayIt.com from 9/1/2020 until 12/31/2020.  Upload your photos now for inclusion in the yearbook! To upload your photos, click on the link below:


    You MUST upload any picture that you would like included in the yearbook through this link ONLY. Please DO NOT send or e-mail ANY pictures to Mrs. Ebel or Mrs. Rotanz.  Absolutely NO CD's with pictures will be accepted.  No paper photos will be accepted.  Only photos uploaded to the ReplayIt website will be used in the yearbook!



Parent ads

  • Parent ads of recognition are now available.  Place your ad early to ensure a spot in the yearbook.  Ads will NOT be accepted after February 1, 2021.  This is the absolute FINAL DEADLINE.  ABSOLUTELY NO ads will be accepted after this date.

    Please do NOT send any parent ads to Mrs. Ebel or Mrs. Rotanz.  All ads MUST be submitted online.  

    To place a parent ad, click on the link below:


    and follow the directions.

Yearbook Photo Review

  • Please note:  ReplayIt.com and the Yearbook staff will review all uploaded photos.  Photos depicting drug or alcohol use or inappropriate sayings/gestures will NOT be used in the yearbook.  We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used in the yearbook. However, we will try to get as many of your submitted pictures into the yearbook as possible.  

    If you have ANY problems with the web addresses, please e-mail Mrs. Ebel (ebelc@esmonline.org), Mrs. Rotanz (Rotanzl@esmonline.org) or the yearbook rep, Matt Stucchio (matt.stucchio@jostens.com)

Photo categories for Seniors ONLY are:

  • Homecoming, Junior Prom, Remember When, Friends Forever, Miscellaneous, and Guess Who (your baby picture - ONE BABY PICTURE ONLY).  Please submit ONE baby picture of yourself.  Space in Guess Who is limited.

    To upload your pictures, click here.. Remember to LABEL your photos!! If your photos are not labeled (especially baby photos), we will not be able to use them in the yearbook.



    All pictures MUST be labeled so that they are placed in the proper categories.  Also pictures should be labeled with the names of the people in the pictures (e.g. Remember When:  Mary Jones, John Smith, etc.)