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    Welcome to the home page of Dr. Gary Stein, School Psychologist

    I welcome teacher/parent contact to address any issues of concern in a confidential manner.  To contact me directly, I can be reached at (631) 801-3152.  You can also email me at

    As a school psychologist for the junior-senior high school, I am involved in many areas including the following: mandated and non-mandated counseling, IST meetings, CSE meetings, Section 504 meetings, psychological evaluations, classroom observations, parent/teacher consultations, crisis intervention, FBA/BIP development, etc.

    Please go to the "My Resources" section to find links to articles on relevant topics for parents and teachers.  Also, in that section, I provide a link to finding a psychologist if outside therapy is wanted.

    To help decipher the many acronyms used in schools, here is a list of what some of them mean:

    AIS = Academic Intervention Services 
    BIP = Behavior Intervention Plan  

    CSE = Committee on Special Education
    DASA = Dignity for All Students Act  
    FBA = Functional Behavioral Assessment
    IEP = Individualized Education Plan
    IST = Instructional Support Team
    OHI = Other Health Impaired
    PBIS = Positive Behavioral Intervention Support
    RTI = Response to Intervention