Dead Poet's Society

  •  Dead Poet’s Society Project

    DUE -- Friday March 1st

    1 Day Late = -10 pts

    2 Days Late = -20 pts

    3+ Days Late = -50 its

    2 Part Project 

    (a) Creative (60 pts)

          (b) Written Process Piece (40pts)


    All projects will be assessed on level of . . .



    -       Creative approach to the assignment

    -       Ideas stand out from the others

    -       How the idea works.  Do your intentions match the final result?

    -       How the choice of project suits the book in tone and meaning.


    -       How the project pleases the eye.

    -       Authenticity … how real the project appears.

    -       To which the finished piece shows effort and conscientious intent.

    -       How well the components fir the purpose.




    -       Grammatical correctness.

    -       Finished piece clearly and logically organized.

    -       The degree to which the project accomplishes the intended purpose.


    -       The project reflects thoughts and insights.

    -       The project reveals understandings that go beyond plot summary.

    -       The project addresses a significant theme or concept in the novel.

    ***See Attached Files for Handouts***

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