Salary Advancement Guidelines

  • Educational Salary Advancement

    Please be reminded that faculty members eligible to move across on the salary schedule must submit documentation of course completion to the Personnel Office no later than September 30th for the first semester or February 28th for the second semester in order to advance 15 credits as follows:

    • Graduate Courses:  Only official transcripts from the college or university will be accepted for proof of course completion.

    • In-Service Courses: Certificates of completion required as proof of course completion.

    *There shall be a limitation of six (6) in-service credits per lane movement.

    All requests for salary advancements, upon verification of the Personnel Assistant, will be submitted for Board approval the first Board of Education meeting held in October for the first semester and the first Board of Education meeting held in March for the second semester.

    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Linda Weiss, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel at (631) 801-3025.

Salary Advancement Form