Salary Advancement Guidelines

  • To:                  Teaching Staff

    From:             Linda Weiss

                            Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Student Support Services

    Re:                  Educational Salary Advancement

    Educational salary advancements are completed in September and February.  Teachers eligible for salary advancement must submit the application, transcripts and certificates of completion by September 30th or February 28th for salary advancement. 

    Important Information:

    Ø  Courses must be completed by September 1st or February 1st

    Ø  Limit of one lane movement per 12 month period.

    Ø  All courses must be approved prior to beginning classes in My Learning Plan.  (Without prior approval, no credit will be given).

    Ø  Transcripts and Certificates of Completion must be received within 6 months of completion of the course.

    Ø  All courses must be completed within the timeframe submitted in My Learning Plan.

    Ø  Graduate Courses: Only official transcripts received in a sealed envelope marked official by the College or University are acceptable.  Minimum of 9 credits per lane movement.

    Ø  In-Service Courses: Original certificate of completion must be received.  Maximum of 6 credits per lane movement.

    Ø  Only hard paper copies of transcripts will be accepted.  We CANNOT accept electronic transcripts.


    All requests for salary advancement, upon verification, will be submitted for Board approval the first Board of Education meeting held in October for the first semester and the first Board of Education meeting held in March for the second semester.  Salaries will be retroactive back to September 1st or February 1st.  Payroll (and retro pay) will be processed on the first available payroll following the board approval.


    If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail at 







Salary Advancement Application