Holocaust - NIGHT ~ By Elie Wiesel

    [click on link below for PDF of the memoir]

    Our reading of Elie Wiesel's memoir NIGHT takes us on a journey that exposes us to the atrocities that hatred, intolerance, and discrimination can have on individuals, on a society, and in the world.

    The goal:  to read, annotate and analyze Wiesel's memoir to identify how author's craft exposes theme, accomplishes the author's purpose, and aids the reader in developing meaning.

    WHAT TO DO?  [click on link below for specific instructions)

    PRE-READ  [use handout for DETAILED instructions]

    1.  Forward -- Read AND annotate then post in SCHOOLOGY

    2.  Preface -- Read AND annotate then post in SCHOOLOGY

    3.  Read and annotate the memoir paying particular attention to the following:  Moishe the Beadle / NIGHT as a symbol / Syntax / FATHER-SON Bond / THEME

    4.  Dialectical Journals


    DUE Mon 4/25 11:59 PM

      Pre-Read Forward & Preface Post in Schoology

    DUE in class Fri 4/29/2016

      Read & Annotate Text – through page 61

    Write Dialectical Journal

    DUE Thurs 5/5/2016

      Read & Annotate pages 61-120 – Write Dialectical Journal

    [click on the files & links below for classroom handouts]

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