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    If . . . Learning is a journey and the world is OUR classroom!  then we must:

     Question  ~   Explore  ~   Investigate   ~   Analyze   ~   Discuss   


    In order to come to understandings, we will explore the concept of classic literature.   Classic literature involves the concept of timeless appeal to audiences.  

    In order to more fully understand the concept of classic literature, we must seek answers to questions by exploring questions like:  What is it?  How is it characterized?  What role does censoring and banning play in the text's appeal?  How does the author's craft affect the text's appeal?  What makes a particular text timeless?  Why is the text appreciated?

    Did you know that some of the most common reasons for a text being defined as a classic are:

    • A classic usually expresses some artistic quality (diction, narration, character motivation,etc)
    • A classic usually presents the human condition or timeless theme--an expression of life, truth, and / or beauty
    • A classic stands the test of time --- representation of period written with lasting recognition (not published in recent past)
    • A classic has a certain universal appeal -- touch readers to "our very core beings because of themes about human condition ...Themes of love, hate, death, life, and faith that appeal to most basic emotional responses
    • A classic makes connections ... influenced by other authors or influences future writers

    In order for us to more fully understand these concepts, each of us has now read a book that has been either banned and/or challenged.  

    You will be required to write a 2-4 page research paper to demonstrate your abilities in THE PROCESS involved in writing a Thesis Research Paper.  Your work will be assessed on the level of your ability to:

    • investigate your research question
    • annotate your sources
    • maintain a Works In Progress or Working Works Cited page
    • format properly source cards & note cards
    • develop a thesis statement
    • create an outline that presents reasoning and judgements and thoughts/evidence to support
    • write a rough draft -- proof, edit, revise
    • write and submit a 1st Draft -- with proper MLA formatting and a Works Cited page

    Your final paper will be assessed on:

    1. a clear and thought-provoking thesis statement
    2. varied sources used to support your thesis
    3. support your thesis through specific and relevant details
    4. use in-text citation and block citation & properly format both
    5. develop reasoning for judgments and thoughts
    6. apply MLA format including a Works Cited page

    Remember . . . Learning is a journey and the world is OUR classroom!  

      Question  ~  Explore  ~  Investigate  ~  Analyze  ~  Discuss   
      in order to build understandings and explore intellectual freedom!   


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