• Welcome to Accounting.  It is my goal to make this year an exciting and positive experience for each student. Accounting provides financial information to users forming decisions.  In this course we will learn the language of accounting  so that we will be able use data to communicate effectively, make good financial decisions, and successfully operate  businesses . To aid in this process, please access my website for helpful links and homework assignments.

  • MATERIALS:   notebook, folder, pen, pencil, Highlighter



Classroom Rules

  • Come to class on time. Standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will constitute a tardy. You must be INSIDE the door when it begins ringing to be counted on time.  If you are late to class three times you will receive a detention.  Cutting class will also result in a detention.

    Attend to personal needs before coming to class. The bathroom may only be used in emergencies. A signed agenda book is needed for leaving the class. Do not ask to use the washroom or go to your locker before class begins; just go before you get to class. Anyone late for any reason is late.

    Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up. Throw scraps away at the end of the period on your way out.

    Do not eat candy or other food in class unless you have been given special permission. Water is allowed.

    Bring required materials every day unless you are otherwise directed.

    Talk only when permitted. Be aware of the situation, quiet talking is allowed in some situations and speaking to the entire group without raising your hand may be allowed in others. NO talking is EVER allowed during tests or quizzes, even after you have handed in your papers.  Everyone should be able to take their test in silence.

    Do not cheat. Students caught cheating will receive a zero and a phone call home. Both the student who shares his work for an independent assignment AND the person who copies it will suffer the same consequences. I expect you to do your own work and to be sure no one can copy it.

Classroom Procedures