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    Proposition No. 1PASSED

    Budget 2019-2020

    YES - 1,211      NO - 1,002




    Proposition No. 2 - FAILED

    Armed Security Guards

    YES - 545     NO - 1,673




    Proposition No. 3 - PASSED

    Library Privileges

    YES - 1,587    NO - 615






    Congratulations to our new Board of Education members:











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    As it has been our tradition in the past to have three half-days at the end of the school year at the elementary level, we will be adding one additional half day to this year's calendar on  June 24, 2019.


    Click here for complete letter from Superintendent.  

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    Returned Snow Days - May 2019

    Each year, the District is mindful of "snow days" and other emergency closings as we prepare the school calendar.  This year we have not used any emergency snow days to close the District due to inclement weather.  As a result, all ESM schools and offices will be closed on the following dates:


    Thursday, May 23

    Friday, May 24

    Tuesday, May 28


    These dates are indicated in the 2018-2019 ESM District Calendar.

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    2019/2020 School Calendar

    Due to the Legislative changes enacted with the New York State Budget, Section 3-110 of the Election Law now enables an employee who is a registered voter to take off up to three hours of working time, without loss of pay, so the employee can vote at any election.  (N.Y. Elec. Law § 3-110[1]).  “The employee shall be allowed time off for voting at the beginning or end of” the employee’s shift; however, unless otherwise mutually agreed, it is the employer’s decision to designate whether the time will be given at the beginning or end of the shift.


    As a result, next year’s approved calendar will now need to be reviewed.  We are currently modifying the existing calendar and will post it when the process is complete.


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    Acting Superintendent


    The Board of Education held a special meeting on April 29th, and are pleased to announce that Joseph Steimel has been appointed Acting Superintendent, effective immediately.

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    The Eastport-South Manor Central School District will promote and sustain an educational system which is dedicated to academic excellence and the fulfillment of each individual student's potential.

    Through an alliance of educators, parents, students and community, the District will provide a supportive, safe, dynamic learning environment and will strive to graduate students of good character who are intellectually, physically and socially developed, and who are as well prepared as possible for their futures.