Extra Credit

    The points listed are the maximum available.  The quality of your work will determine how many points you earn.

    For up to 5 Points…

    -         Make a set of flashcards to study from using current vocabulary words or grammar points. 

    -         Print off and complete a worksheet from Study Stack that uses current vocabulary.

    -         Post a status update, my blog, tweet, or Google+ post about something fun or interesting you did in French class this week, or write a post in your best French.  Send Madame Raynor a screenshot of your post.  (Limit 15 points)

    -         Study your French on Madame Raynor's site.  Bring a note from your parents verifying this.  (You can earn a maximum of 20 points per quarter doing this.)

    For up to 10 points…

    -         Draw a cartoon and write the dialogues in French. 

    -         Write a worksheet and answer key using current grammar or vocabulary.

    -         Make a wallhanging, mobile, or poster with a French theme to display in the classroom.

    -         Change the language option on your cell phone or MP3 player to French for a week. Make a list of new vocabulary you learned. 

    -         Bring in French food for the class to try.  Explain the significance it, and bring copies of the recipe for your classmates.  (www.marmiton.org

    -         Make an illustrated French booklet and write a sentence for each page in French (10 page minimum). 

    For up to 15 points…

    -         Prepare a French meal for your family.  Bring in the recipes, a picture of you cooking (or of your yummy masterpiece) and a note from your parents. 

    -         Find an arts & crafts project on a French website (try www.momes.net) and teach your classmates how to make it. 

    -         Write an original dialogue and present it to the class.

    -         Learn a French song or dance to teach the class. 

    -         Write a French poem to share with the class.  Illustrate it for display in the classroom.

    -         Watch a French movie.  Write a newspaper review of it to share with the class.

    -         View an art display at a museum.  Write a description of or reaction to it to share with the class.

    For up to 20 points…

    -         Make a scale model of a French monument for the classroom.

    -         Find a French article from a newspaper, magazine, or the internet. Bring it to class and lead a brief discussion on the topic.

    -         Research a French author, painter, composer, or historical figure and write a one-page report on them.  Use at least three different sources in your research, and include a bibliography with your report.  Present your research briefly to the class. 

    -         Read a book on French history, biography, or culture.  Write a report about the book that you read. 

    -         Keep a scrapbook for 2 weeks of all news items or ads concerning France or French products. 

    * Original ideas welcome! *

    If you have an idea for an extra credit project, please share it with me.


    Extra credit must be your original work. Projects cut and pasted from the internet will not be accepted.  There is a limited amount of extra credit that will be accepted each quarter.