ESM Music Booster


    Music Booster Club

    ESM Music Booster

    ESM Music Booster
    P.O. Box 344
    Eastport, NY 11941


    The purpose of the ESM Music Booster is to provide support and resources to the band and chorus programs of the Eastport/South Manor Central High School to help promote the highest level of excellence for our Music Department and to offer parents/guardians opportunities to actively provide supporting participation to their children through the ESM HS music programs.




    Membership in the ESM Music Booster shall be open to:


    -          Parents/Guardians of children attending Eastport/South Manor School District.

    -          Residents of Eastport/South Manor School District, eighteen years of age and over whom are not currently students at ESM.

    -          Faculty of Eastport/South Manor School District.

    -         Alumni of Eastport/South Manor School District.


    Co-President: Debi Martino 878-3393
    Co-President: Debi Taylor 946-2686
    Treasurer: Ellen Shore 878-8865
     Secretary: Barbara Champ 878-6422

    Meeting Dates:

    Second Tuesday of the Month 


    Meetings 7:15 pm at the High School.