• Eastport-South Manor High School offers a comprehensive secondary school experience with programs designed to meet the diverse needs of all students. We encourage students to immerse them­selves in all that we offer; both during and after-school hours.

    General High School Information (NYSED)

    High School Graduation/Diploma Requirements (New York State - Updated January 2018)

    ESM Jr. /Sr. High School Course Catalog

    Please understand, as in all school districts, course catalogs are developed and printed prior to the finalization of the school budget. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this predicament given the time needed to solicit student interest, calculate possible enrollment, develop tentative schedules for the following school year, review individual student graduation requirements, and create a school budget for public vote each May. Therefore, please know that the courses listed within this catalog are tentative, and subject to change. However, in all instances, students will always be able to take required courses needed for graduation based on NYSED regulations.

    2018-19 ESM Course Catalog

    ESM Jr./Sr. High School Student Handbook

    The student handbook below is a wonderful resource for individuals looking to better acclimate themselves with the Jr./Sr. High School experience. Answers to common questions can be found within, as well as student expectations (including the Code of Conduct), and important contact information.

    ESM Jr./Sr. High School Student Handbook: 2018-2019