Optigate Employee Portal Info

  • Dear ESM staff,

    Beginning with the Friday 1/22/21 paycheck, the district has launched a new ESM Employee Portal called Optigate, which allows all staff to view/print their biweekly paystubs and annual W-2’s.  As of 1/22/21, you will no longer receive a hard copy paystub or W-2. 

    Please note that on the new Employee Portal, you will be able to see payroll check history between 2004 and October 2018 but you will not be able download the actual paycheck stub dated prior to November 2018. W-2s are only available for 2018, 2019 and 2020 and future years when ready.

    The 2020 W-2’s have been loaded to the Employee Portal and are available to download and print.

    Following the instructions below, please log into this software each payday to view/download your paystubs and W-2’s:

    •  Please log into the ESM Employee Portal with the user name and password that you use to log in to your computer each day. Your user name should be the your name as written in your ESM email address.  For example, my email address  laubet@esmonline.org, so my user name is laubet. You will see a log in screen as shown in Attachment #1. You may want to bookmark the below URL 


    • Once logged in, you should see two tabs at the top of the screen, a Home tab and a Payroll Tab, as in Attachment #2.   Please click on the Payroll tab

    • On the Payroll tab, you will see two blue tabs under the ESM Banner called Tax Forms and Pay History, as in Attachment #3.  The Tax Forms tab contains your W-2’s and the Pay History tab contains your paystubs. You will have the option to download or view your paystub and W-2


    Please see the below payroll calendar for 2020-2021 for a list of pay dates. 



     -Tim Laube