Social Studies K-6
  • Social Studies K-6

    Eastport-South Manor CSD uses the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES integrated Social Studies curriculum. 


    Getting to Know Myself and Others

    • Myself and Others
    • How Can I Be a Good Citizen?
    • Understanding Economics/Geography

    Grade 1

    My Family and Other Families Now and Long Ago

    • Rules and Laws
    • Unity in Community
    • We Are Family
    • Economics

    Grade 2

    My Community and Other United States Communities

    • Active Citizenship
    • Rural, Urban and Suburban Communities
    • Geography of Communities
    • Change and Interdependence in Communities

    Grade 3

    Communities Around the World: People and Places

    • Geography
    • United States
    • Brazil

    Grade 4

    • China
    • Kenya
    • Making a Difference Around the World

    State History and Government:

    • The Three Worlds: Native Americans, Europeans and Africans Merge
    • The Impact of the Colonial & Revolutionary War Periods
    • National and Local Government
    • Change Comes to Our State

    Grade 5

    The Western Hemisphere:

    • A New World Rising
    • European Exploration and Slavery
    • Geography in the Western Hemisphere
    • Government in the Western Hemisphere
    • Economics in the Western Hemisphere
    • Cultural Diversity

    Grade 6

    The Eastern Hemisphere:

    • Neolithic Revolution
    • River Valley Civilizations
    • Classical Civilizations
    • Comparative World Religions
    • Mediterranean World
    • Interactions Across the Eastern Hemisphere




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