• Mathematics K-6



    All ESM elementary schools use the enVisionMATH program.

    Why enVisionMATH? This program fully aligns with the national and global standards. Using enVisionMATH ensures elementary school children are learning the skills necessary for successful middle-level and high school transitions. 

    It is challenging. Students look at real world problems and try to solve them on their own. At times, students struggle, but as with any struggle comes growth. Teachers work with students to reinforce lessons, to encourage students’ creative thinking and to make certain the struggle does not become defeating. Thinking about math this way is different than simply doing a page of simple math problems—it takes deeper thought and problem-solving. It is this “higher-level” or “critical” thinking that will help students be successful in their futures.

    How can I help? Be positive. Encourage your child by reminding him or her that math is learned through repeated practice and experience. With effort, the things that are hard today will be easier tomorrow.

    Do you have material I can use to help? The top of some homework pages will be labeled, “Reteaching.” You will find some examples of how the lesson was taught. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher for more information.

    Can I share how I was taught—even if it is different from the way my child is taught? The lessons are based on research that explores how students visualize math. If you have a more efficient way to reach an answer—and your child understands—that is great. The focus nowadays is not simply the correct ansewer, but a deeper understanding of the process. 

    What specifically is my child learning? The following links explain in detail what your child will learn each year K-6 in enVisionsMATH. Each chart names and describes the specific standard, as well as highlights the specific lessons that reinforce the standard.

    Kindergarten - enVisionMATH

    Grade 1 - enVisionMATH

    Grade 2 - enVisionMATH

    Grade 3 - enVisionMATH

    Grade 4 - enVisionMATH

    Grade 5 - enVisionMATH

    Grade 6 - enVisionMATH