Fun Facts About Speech & Language

  • Do you think your child may have a speech delay or disorder, or feeding disorder?  Here are some skills your child should be using, broken down by age;


    • Arching or stiffening of the body during feeding
    • Coughing or Choking during feeding
    • Being very irritable/fussy during or after feeding
    • Taking a really long time to feed (more than 30-45 minutes)
    • Frequent spitting up
    • gurgle, hoarse voice
    • Coughing, gagging, or throwing up during or after meals
    • Stuffing mouth with food
    • Difficulty accepting new textures
    • Holding food inside pockets of mouth for long periods of time
    • Abnormal bowel movements  that last longer than a few days


    12 months| Speech & Language

    • Recognizes his/her name
    • Attends to a book or toy for about 2 minutes
    • Follows simple directions accompanied by gestures
    • Answers simple questions nonverbally
    • Points to objects, pictures, and family members
    • Uses "mama" and "dada" and other common nouns
    • Tries to imitate simple word

    18 months| Speech & Language

    • Enjoys being read to
    • Follow simple commands without gestures
    • Points to simple body parts such as "nose"
    • Understands simple verbs such as "eat" and "sleep"
    • uses 10-20 words consistently
    • Asks for common foods by name
    • Makes animal sounds such as "moo"
    • Starting to combine words such as "more milk"
    • Begins to use pronouns such as "mine"
    • Uses words to communicate wants such as "more,"up"
    • Hums, may sing simple tunes

    12-18 months| Feeding

    • Eats ground, mashed, or chopped table foods, introducing soft pieces of meat by 15 months
    • Uses tongue well to move food from side to side in mouth
    • Loses a bit of food or saliva out of mouth while chewing
    • Bites food well
    • Eat coarsely chopped table food including meats and raw vegetables by 18 months
    • Feeds self using a spoon, dropping some food off the spoon
    • Starts to refuse some foods

    2 years

    • articulation: correctly produces /m,an,p,b,t,w,h/
    • Knows about 200-300 words
    • Speaks in 2-3 word phrases
    • Knows some spatial concepts such as "in" and "on"
    • Knows pronouns such as "you" "me" "her" "I"
    • Speech is becoming more accurate but may still leave off endings
    • Strangers may not be able to understand much of what is said
    • Answers simple questions
    • Asks "What" and "where"
    • Refers to self by name
    • Uses negatives such as "no" and "not"
    • beings to use plurals such as "shoes" socks" and regular past tense such as "jumped"
    • Identifies body parts
    • Asks for food and drink
    • Stays with one activity for about 5 minutes
    • Knows how to interact with books (right side up, turning pages)

    2 years | Feeding

    • Swallow well from a cup with good lip closure around the cup and no loss of liquid
    • Swallow food well with good lip control and no loss of food
    • Chew with jaw movements that go round and round, as well as up and down, and side to side
    • Scoop foods with a spoon and some spillage
    • Starts to stab food with a fork and get it to his/her mouth
    • Start to show clear likes and dislikes for some foods

    2.5 Years

    • Articulation: correctly produces ?m,m,p,b,t,w,h/
    • Knows about 450 words
    • Tells first name when prompted
    • Refers to self as "me" and not by name
    • Will say "Watch me" to get attention of adult
    • Answers "where" questions
    • Understands simple time concepts such as "last night" and "tomorrow"
    • Talks to other children and adults
    • Holds fingers up to tell age
    • Uses short sentences "me do it"
    • Repeats words heard in conversation
    • vocabulary begins to explode! (yay!)

    3 years

    • Articulation: correctly produces /m,n,p,b,t,w,h,k,g,d/
    • Knows about 1000 words
    • Strangers are able to understand much of what is said
    • Describe the use of objects such as "fork" "car"
    • Recognizes language absurdities such as "Is that an elephant on your head?"
    • Groups objects such as food, clothing, etc.
    • Knows night and day
    • Knows last name, gender, maybe street name
    • Tell a story
    • Sings songs
    • Stays with one activity for 8-9 minutes
    • Asks "what" questions

    Feeding| 2-3  Years

    • Eats the same food as the rest of the family
    • Feeds him/herself with a spoon or fork
    • Wipes own mouth a napkin
    • Starts to serve self at table with fork/spoon with some spills

    4-5 Years

    • Formulates sentences consisting of 4-5 words
    • Recalls parts of a story
    • Uses future tense
    • Tells/creates longer stories
    • States name & address
    • Hears and understands nearly everything that is said to them (within reason)
    • Speech is clear & fluent
    • Children can communicate easily with familiar adults and other children
    • Most sounds are produced correctly though he/she may exhibit a lisp as a 4 year old,  or at 5 years may still have difficulty with /r/ /v/ /th/ sounds.