Speech Apps for the iPad

  • Technology is a great way to encourage and elicit language in youngsters... Here are some great apps for use on your iPad!


    - My Play Home (there's also a Lite (free) version available)

    - Guess Who? | Vision Apps

    - "My House"|  www.myfirstapp.com

    - "Photo touch" | Grasshopper Apps

    - Peekaboo HD "barn" |

    - First Then Visual Schedule


    -Speech With Milo (there are multiple categories available for purchase:

    *  Sequencing, verbs, prepositions)

    -PCS Bingo

    -PCS Memory

    " Sort it Out" www.myfirstapp.com "Sort it out2"

    -Big or Small | AME Software Factory

    -"What is it?" | Apps by Fuze inc.

    "First Words" | Learning TOuch

    -"Clicker Sentences" | Crick Software

    " All About Sounds"

    "ABC" | Photo Touch

    "Autism Emotions" | Model Me Kids

    "Buddy Bear" : Basic Questions | Linguisystems

    "Buddy Bear" :Yes/No Questions | Linguisystems

    "Becca Bunny" : Concepts | Linguisystems

    Starfall App

    "Articulation Station" | Busy Bee Applications