My Resources

  • Here is a list of supplies, which you will need to begin your year in second grade:


    -1 box of Crayola Washable Thick Classic Markers 12 count

    -1 box of Crayola Washable Fine Markers 12 count 

    -2 dozen Ticonderoga #2 pencils (sharpened)

    -1 box of colored pencils 12 count (sharpened)

    -1 box of Crayola crayons 64 count

    -1 pair of Fiskars 5" scissors

    -1 pink eraser (latex free)

    -12 small glue sticks

    -1 bottle of Elmer's white glue

    -2 highlighters (yellow and orange are best)

    -1 hand held pencil sharpener with receptacle

    *I will provide a pencil box

         Try to label your supplies whenever possible and should you run out of any of these supplies during the school year, please purchase more and bring them into school.