Sight words

  • Here is a list of the sight words and high frequency words your child will learn this year:

    We will learn one or two words a week.  

      letter/sound                 sight word

    Sept. 5th -   t                 I, a

    Sept. 11th -    b, f          the, to      

    Sept. 18th -   n, m          is, my

    Sept. 25th -     i, u              go, me

    Oct. 2nd -       c, o         like, on

    Oct. 10th -     a, g           in, so

    Oct. 16th -     d, s           we, it                     

    Oct. 23rd -      e, r           and, up

    Oct. 30th -      p, j           at, see    

    Nov. 6th -    l, k, h            he, do

    Nov. 13th -    v, w             you, an 

    Nov. 20th -                      can

    Nov. 27th -     y, x            no, am

    Dec. 4th -       z, qu   went, are

    Dec. 11th -                     this, look

    Dec. 18th -    for, get


    Jan. 2nd -    A through H    come, got

    Jan. 8th-     I through P     play, was

    Jan. 16th -    Q through Z   had, they

    Jan. 22nd -                      will, too

    Jan. 29th -                     all, be

     Feb. 5th -                      as, ball

    February 12th -                by, day

    February 26th -                      did, has

    March  5th -                     her, him

    March 12th-                     fun

    March 19th-                     good, so

    March 26th -                     they, out

    April 9th -                      here, one                    

    April 16th -                     because                               

    April 23rd-                       then, with

    April 30th -                         when, how

    May 7th -                        what

    May 14th -                       who

    May 21st -                       where, why


    **Reminders.....sight words can not be sounded out!  High frequency words or word families are sounded out!  Sight words are circled to remind the children that they must look at the whole word and read it.  We underline word families to help the children sound out different parts of the word.