Fundations in Kindergarten

  • We will be building a foundation for reading and writing this year with Fundations!  It is a systematic, sequential and multi-sensory approach to teaching reading and writing to early learners.

    Our kindergartners often come to school with a knowledge of upper case letters of the alphabet.  To begin reading and spelling instruction, however; lower case letter knowledge is key.  Rather than reinforce or teach the upper case letters first, Fundations begins with lower case.



    Fundations can be used as whole class instruction as well as a remedial approach for teaching reading.  We will use Fundations in collaboration with our Literacy Collaborative program.

    In kindergarten, we will learn:

    word awareness (A spoken sentence consists of separate words)

    syllable awareness (A word consists of separate syllables) 

    phoneme awareness. (A syllable consists of separate sounds or phonemes......isolating sounds, identifying sounds and blending sounds.)

    To remember a sound, children will learn a keyword.  For example, children will learn the letter a using the keyword, apple.  We will practice this every day with the help of a cute stuffed owl named Echo!!  Children will learn to say "A-apple-/a/".  The / / marks represent the sound associated with the letter.

    At Open House, you will receive a packet with all the information on Fundations, including the language we will use, the order of letter introduction and how to form each letter.