enVision Math

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    The enVision Math Series is the basis for our math curriculum.  It consists of 16 Topics; One to Five Counting to Analyzing, Comparing and Composing Shapes.  I will update this page very shortly.

    On average, it will take approximately 2 weeks to cover a topic.  Please try to visit the website at least once a week to acquaint yourself with the vocabulary the children are using as well as monitoring their understanding at home.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Have Fun!!

    Math Vocabulary and Topics: EnVision has updated their program this year.  The Common Core State Standards place the development of a strong foundation for number and operations at the core of early mathematics education.  The primary focus in Kindergarten will be on counting and cardinality and number and operation. 

  • Topic 1              

    One To Five         






  • Topic 4       

    Comparing and Ordering #'s 0-10

     greater than, less than    

    order, number line,         

    forward, backward       




    Topic 7

    Understanding Addition

     number story, join,  

    plus sign, addition sentence

    altogether, add

    equal sign, sum




    Topic 10    

    Composing Numbers 11 to 19  

    ten frame      

    how many more? 







    Topic 13                               

    Sorting, Classifying, Counting & Categorizing Data     


    does not belong      

    same sort        





  • Topic 2    

    Comparing and Ordering

    more, fewer,same as           

    same number of, column      




  • Topic 5

     Numbers to 20 


     count by 2's, count by 5's

     count by 10's, about




  • Topic 8 

    Understanding Subtraction 

    left, separate     

    subtraction sentence               

    minus sign, take away       

    subtract, difference




    Topic 11    

    Decomposing Numbers to 19 

    double ten frame                       








  • Topic 14                          

    Identifying and Describing Shapes

    circle, square, rectangle, triangle

    hexagon, side, corner, cone, cube

    sphere, cylinder




  • Topic 16

    Analyzing, Comparing and Composing Shapes

     same shape

    same size

    roll, stack, slide

  • Topic 3

    Six to Ten

    growing pattern





  • Topic 6

    Numbers to 100 

    hundred chart, row, column






  • Topic 9

    Composing and Decomposing #'s to 10







  • Topic 12


    longer than

    shorter than

    as tall as

    taller than

    lighter than




    Topic 15 

    Position and Location of Shapes