• HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEK OF October 16th – 20th  2017

    Fundations: Consonant Digraphs

    First grade will continue with Unit 3 in Fundations. This unit focus’ on consonant digraphs which is two consonants together that make one sound such as “s” and “h” together make the sound /sh/. Because a consonant digraph makes only one sound, they only get one tap. For example, the word “sh o p” has three taps even though there are four letters because there are only three sounds to the word.  We will be introducing verbs and adjectives to the students and we encourage you to have your child use them when adding details to their homework sentences.

    Fundations homework: Follow 4 steps:

    1.     Dictate (say) the word and have your child echo the word.

    2.    Have your child tap out the sounds. Do not tap trick words.

    3.    Have your child spell the word to you.

    4.    Have your child write the word.

    5.    Please then have your child write a detailed sentence for one word.


    Monday:   Dictate and write words

    yet          tub           pat    

    Tuesday:    Dictate and write words

    ship           deck          quick 

    Wednesday: Dictate and write trick words

    we        he            be

    Thursday:    Dictate these sentences and have your child write them.

    1.     He is quick with math.

    2.    Bob has a cut on his neck.

    Math: Pages R2-2 to P2-5. Please staple and return on Friday.


    Your child may want to do a bonus activity on some nights. They may choose to make a colorful illustration.

    In Math we will continue with Topic 2: Subtraction. Please practice addition and subtraction facts to 10.

    In science we are beginning to learn about the sun, shadows and daily patterns.


                                                              The First Grade Teachers