• HOMEWORK for September 25th-29 2017

    Unit 2 Wk 1- Fundations: Change the word activity *Attach abc letter page

    1. Use the cut up letters (attached) and follow the directions from the enclosed page.

    2.  Have your child match the letters to the uncut page.

    3. Then find the letters to make the word fit. Read the word and have your child repeat it after you.

    4.  Ask your child to change one sound for another. It is important to say the sound of the letter and not the letter name. When you say the sound, try to “clip” it. In other words, say /f/ not /fu/.

    5.  For example, you want your child to change the beginning sound. You say the word “fit” and your child repeats the word, “fit”.

    6.  Now you ask, “Can you change the /f/ to /s/?” Your child should exchange the letters to make the word, “sit”.

    7.   Have your child read the new word (or read it for him or her)

    8.  Have your child write the original word and the new word in his/her homework book.

    9.  Keep these letters in a baggie to do this again and for other activities. Thank you!

    You Make And Read

    You Say

    Child Makes and Reads

    Monday:     fit

    Change /f/ to /s/


    Tuesday:    map

    Change /m/ to /l/


    Wednesday: rag

    Change /r/ to /s/


    Thursday:   sat

    Change /s/ to /m/


    Math:  Please have your child complete pages R3-4 to P3-5 and R1-1 to P1-2. Please remember to have your child complete both sides and return all the pages stapled together by Friday.

    *Your child may want to do a bonus activity on some nights. They may choose to make a colorful illustration or write a sentence for each word they have written.

    In math we will continue with Topic 1: Understanding Addition. Please continue to practice adding two addends to equal a sum. Thank you for all the support you give your children.