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    09-18-17 HW 09-18-17 HW

    HOMEWORK WEEK OF September 18th- 22nd  2017  (U3 Wk2/3)


    First grade students have been completing their homework assignments in class. They have been reviewing colors as well as letter sounds and then listing words that correlate with the letter sounds. We are encouraging the students to write in the appropriate spaces on each line and reviewing letter formulations. We are continuing in class with Unit 1 Wk 2/3 in Fundations this week which reviews the letter sounds of the alphabet.

    Homework in Fundations will now be completed at home nightly. Have your child

    • say the letter/sound write the letter 4-5 times with good spacing

    • create three words that begin with that letter

    • Write a sentence that begins with that corresponding letter (word)

    • draw a picture to match one of the words.

    Repeat for each letter assigned for the day. You may refer to the homework book for work we completed in school for the past 2 weeks.

    We ask that you do not spend more than 15-20 minutes on homework each night at this time of the year.

    Unit 1 Week 2/3 in Fundations will include letter sounds for:


    l, h, k


    v, w, y


    x, qu, z

    Due to the short week please turn all homework in by Monday, Sept. 25th


    Math:  Pages Reteaching 3-1 through Practice 3-3 (R3-1 to P3-3)

    Please remember to have your child complete one page per night and return all the pages stapled together regularly on Fridays. (This time Mon. on 9-25)

    In Math we are continuing Topic 1, Understanding Addition. We encourage you to help them write their numbers to 12 at home for extra practice.



    The First Grade Teachers