Number Cheers

  • Number Cheers 0-8


       Teach the number cheer for zero.

            Raise arms over head and say “z”.

       Move arms down to a v-position and say “e”.

       Move arms down to an upside-down v-position and say “r.”

            Put arms down at side and say “o”.

            Raise arms to top and make a large zero- say “ZERO”


       Teach the number cheer for one.

            Touch head for “o,” and say “o.”

            Touch knees for “n,” say “n.”

            Touch toes for “e,” say “e.”


             Teach the number cheer for two

             Raise both arms so they are parallel to the floor and look like

             the letter “t,” say “t.”

             Bend arm at the elbows so they look like the letter “w,” say


             Put thumbs and middle fingers of each hand together to form

             the letter “o,” say “o.”

             Raise two fingers of the right hand in the air and yell “two.”

             Repeat with left hand.  Then repeat with both hands in the air

             “T-W-O, two, two, two!”


            Teach cheer for 3.

            Clench fists tightly.

            Pound fists on top of each other as you spell out T-H-R-E-E,

            T-H-R-E-E, T-H-R-E-E.

            Hold up three fingers on the right hand and yell “three!”

            Repeat with left hand- yell “three!”

            Hold up both hands and shout “three!”

            “T-H-R-E-E, T-H-R-E-E, T-H-R-E-E, three, three, three!”




         Teach cheer for 4.

         Bend left arm at the elbow and touch right arm at the elbow to

         form the number 4.

         Say, “f.”

         Switch arms and say, “o.”

         Switch arms and say, “u.”

         Switch arms and say, “r.”


       Say the word “four” while rolling arms upward.

       “F-O-U-R, ffffoooouuuurrrr!”





        Teach cheer for 5.

        Put hands on top of head and say “f.”

        Put hands on shoulders and say “i.”

        Put hands on knees and say “v.”

        Touch the floor with hands and say “e.”

        Jump up in the air and hold up five fingers and yell “five!”





       Teach cheer for 6.

       Start with hands up in front of face and make a large “s” symbol 

       while saying “s.”

       Put both arms up over head and move them straight down to  

       make an “I,” say “I.”

       Cross arms in front to make an “x” symbol and say “x.”

       Do one turn to the right, stomp foot and say “six!”




      Teach cheer for 7.

      Start facing front and march with right foot, then left and move  

      arms in rhythm while spelling S-E-V-E-N.

      Make a quarter turns to the right and march again spelling


      Continue for two more quarter turns and end of facing back in


       Hold up seven fingers and raise them three times while saying

       “seven, seven, seven!”





        Teach cheer for 8.

        Say “We’re gonna” then snap to right, sway hips and say “e.”

        Then snap to left, sway hips and say “i.”

        Snap to right again, sway hips and say “g.”

        Snap to left again, sway hips and say “h.”

        Extend arms out to make a “t” symbol and raise voice when

        saying “t.”

        Repeat two more times spelling E-I-G-H-T.

        Roll arms upward and say “eight!”