Royal Reader Information

  • Royal Reader Info

    Thank you again for volunteering to be a royal reader.  Here is some information that may be helpful.

    1.  Please arrive at Tuttle Ave. at 3:10. Please do not park in the bus loop.  They can hang your coat in the office, but you may want to minimize bags or things you may usually carry to make it easier to walk down “royally”. 

    2.  Please bring a book that you or your child enjoys. It should only take    10 min- 15min. minutes to read.  (I can’t guarantee a “royal audience” after that!) 

    3. You may choose a short book, two very short books, or read part of a longer book to get the children interested in a topic, series  or author.

    4.  If you are unable to select a book, please email ( me ahead of time and I can have some choices ready for you.

    5.  Once you are checked in at the Rotunda, the monitors will hand you the Royal Reader cape to put on.

    6. They will then announce you are ready and check if WE are ready for you. 

    7.  Once they send you down, we will have the red carpet rolled out for you, royal music playing and we will greet you as you walk to the royal reader throne.

    8. We will take your picture, introduce you and let you read your heart out!

    9.  You may want to have one follow-up question to ask the children when you are finished reading.

    9.  You may sign out your child when you leave if you wish.