Star of the Day


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    Star of the Day


    Star of the Day is an activity for you and your kindergartner to work on together.  It is a chance for your child to “show and tell” his or her life story to the class.

         Most children place photos of important people, places, and/or events in their life on posterboard.  Writing captions, titles, or descriptions can help remind your child what they would like to share with the class during their brief oral presentation.  Your child may also like to include pictures of their favorite things (i.e. foods, sports, etc.).  There is no set format so please encourage imagination and creativity while completing this project. 

          Your child's Star of the Day will be held during his or her birthday month. Summer birthdays will be scheduled for June.When possible, your child will be Star of the Day on his or her birthday.  A schedule will be given out a month prior to your child's designated day.  Our Star of the Day will be held in our classroom (room 6).  We invite you to join us to provide support and encouragement to your child.  If you would like, you may read one of your child’s favorite picture books to our class.  Please plan for approximately 30 minutes.  All visitors must sign in before coming to our classroom. 

         I hope you enjoy working with your child on this project. I look forward to seeing you on your chosen day. 



                                               Mrs. Maire