September 19, 2016


    Dear Parents,

            Kindergarten is off to a wonderful start!  Beginning this week and continuing throughout the school year, your child will be responsible for completing three homework assignments each week.  These homework assignments will always reinforce what has been taught in school.  Homework assignments will remain the same for Mondays and Tuesdays, but will vary week to week on Wednesdays.  A weekly homework assignment sheet will be sent home on Mondays. Our homework can also be found by going to my website and clicking on the homework tab, then by clicking on weekly homework assignment tab. These homework assignments will require your attention and support.  If, for some reason, your child cannot complete a homework assignment, please try to have him/her complete it the following day.


    1. Monday: Your child will draw a 4-box matrix.  He or she will cut and paste or draw one picture in each section.  This year, the kindergartners are learning 2 letters/sounds each week.  Your child should draw 2 pictures for each letter that is being introduced.  The short sounds of the vowels are taught in kindergarten, so examples for the letter Aa could include apple or arrow.  Have your child label his/her picture to the best of his/her ability.  Your child might only be able to write the beginning sound under his/her picture, or your child may try to sound out the entire word using inventive spelling (“apl” for apple).  All attempts at writing should be encouraged and praised.  Then ask your child to practice writing the lowercase form of the letters of the week in their notebook 5 times.  You may write the first letter for him/her.  Please utilize the Fundations handout to correctly model the letter formation for your child.


    2. Tuesday: Ask your child to think of a sentence to go with the sight word(s) of the week.  Please write the sentence down for him/her in their notebook.  When writing the sentence for your child, please use the guidelines in the notebook and say the words as you write them.  Point out that your sentences always begin with an uppercase letter and end with a punctuation mark, usually a period.  Conclude by reading the sentence with your child, while pointing to each word as you read them.  As the year progresses, have your child copy his/her sentence and eventually, encourage your child to write his/her sentence utilizing inventive spelling.  Have your child illustrate his/her sentence.  This assignment will help build his/her oral language skills.

      Please hand in the homework book with Monday and Tuesday night’s homework on Wednesday morning.


    3. Wednesday: Homework assignments will vary on Wednesdays.  Please refer to the weekly homework assignment sheet or my website for Wednesday’s assignment.


      In addition to these assignments, homemade flash cards (index cards with one letter or sight word written on each) are an excellent way to review letter/ sound and sight word recognition daily.

      Please give you child lots of attention, praise and encouragement.  Lend support when needed, but do not do the work for him/her.  Thank you so much for your cooperation!


      Mrs. Maire

      *An updated sight word list can always be found on my website.