Extra Credit Trimester

  • Scientist Report


    The extra credit report should be:


    -         1 page single- spaced

    -         Or 2 pages double-spaced

    -         Font of 12

    -         Only two paragraphs on life statistics


    It must include:


    -         Scientist’s name  -  Life Span (date of birth and death)

    -         Country of origin

    -         Discovery or Invention

    -         How did the world benefit from his/her discovery

    -         Picture of Scientist.

    -         What were the scientist main fields of study?

    -         Any interesting or unique facts about the scientist?

    -         Any problems that the scientist faced in their research?

    -         How has other scientists built on their research?


    Here are some helpful websites:

    http://www.crystalinks.com/scientists.html http://www.adherents.com/people/100_scientists.html 


    -         There can be NO PLAGIARISM.  (to present the ideas or words of another as your own)

    -         This report needs to be written in your own words. The only “cut and paste” can be of pictures.

    -         A bibliography is required. Cite the books, periodicals, and websites that you used to get your information.

    Choice 2-

    Make a poster on a topic we have covered.  

    It must be accurate, attractive, complete in information and NEAT!  Good enough to be displayed.

    Choice 3-

    Attend any science lecture, demonstration, or museum and write a summary of what you saw and learned.

    LI Aquarium in Riverhead

    Quogue Wildlife Refuge

    Holtsville Ecology Center

    Morton's Preserve on Noyac Rd

    Choice 4-

    Pictures from nature that show an example of a topic covered.