Reading - Survival review worksheet

  • Name: _____________________________________ Date:______________________ #: ________


     Book Title

     Author :

     Illustrator :

    Characters and description:


    What is the setting?


    Write 1-2 sentences for each part. What happened in the beginning?


    What problems did the main character face?


    What was the most dangerous situation the main character found himself in? What skills should this character have possessed that would have made his struggle easier?


    What was the solution to the main character’s problem?


    How did the character change from the beginning of the book to the end?


    What was something new that you learned from reading this book?


    What personal connection did you make with this book?


    PREDICT! What do you think will happen after the story ends?


     What did you think of the book?


    Would you tell a friend about it? ______ YES ________ NO

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