Board of Education Policies - Series 5000



    Student Policies Goals 5000
    Students with Disabilities Pursuant to Section 504 5020.3
    Student Complaints and Grievances 5030
    Student Complaints and Grievances Regulation 5030-R
    Attendance 5100
    School Admissions 5150
    Entrance Age 5150.1
    New Entrant Screening Policy 5150.2
    Homeless Children 5151
    Homeless Children Regulation 5151-R
    Admission of Non-Resident Students 5152
    Admission of Foreign Students 5152.1
    Admission of Foreign Students Regulation 5152.1-R
    Student Dismissal Precautions 5162
    Student Dismissal Precautions Regulation 5162-R
    Staff-Student Relations (Fraternization) 5180
    Extra Curricular Activities and Eligibility 5205
    Student Organizations 5210
    School Sponsored Student Publications 5220
    Concussion Management Policy 5280
     Code of Conduct 5300
         Definitions 5300.10
         Student Rights and Responsibilities 5300.15
         Essential Partners 5300.20
         Student Dress Code 5300.25
         Prohibited Student Conduct 5300.30
         Reporting Violations 5300.35
         Disciplinary Penalties, Procedures and Referrals 5300.40
         Alternative Instruction 5300.45
         Discipline of Students with Disabilities 5300.50
         Corporal Punishment 5300.55
         Student Searches and Interrogations 5300.60
         Visitors to the School 5300.65
         Public Conduct on School Property 5300.70
         Dissemination and Review 5300.75
         Dignity for All Students Act - Effective July 1, 2012 5300.85
    Local Wellness Policy 5405
    Student Health Services 5420
    Student Health Services Regulation 5420-R
    Alcohol Consumption by Students and Breathalyzer Regulation 5440.1
    Notification of Sex Offenders 5450.1
    Notification of Sex Offenders Exhibit 5450.1-E
    Child Abuse, Maltreatment, or Neglect in the Domestic Setting 5460
    Child Abuse, Maltreatment, or Neglect in the Domestic Setting Regulation 5460-R
    Student Records 5500
    Student Records Regulation 5500-R
    Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) Notice Regarding Access to Student Records and Student Information 5500-E.1
    Sample Notification - Student Privacy (PPRA) 5500-E.2
    Student Privacy 5550
    Student Use of Computerized Information Resources (Acceptable Use Policy) 5600
    Student Use of Personal Technology 5610
    Violent or Disruptive Incident Reporting 5710