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    Most Current School Closing Plan of Action for All 5th Grade

    Hi Everyone,

    On behalf of Mr. Diveris, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Brennan, Mrs. Ramos, Mr. Robbins, Mrs. Ragimerski, and myself, we first hope you and your familes are all safe an stay that way during this unforeseen situation.  We are going to use my website and Remind app (the Math class one) to reach out to all of you for mass infomation. If any parent is in contact with other parents who do not have the info, please share it.  It's listed below on this page.  Additionally, if you have other questions, please email your homeroom teacher.

    As of right now, students are on "break" and not required to complete the packets we are providing at the bottom of this page.  We are using The start date will be on this page and with Remind, so please check daily.  The files will be at that bottom of this page to keep everything together.  As of this moment, DO NOT START THEM.  We will update you as to when starting them would begin (maybe around 3/30).  We are keeping everything as review or just reading about a topic.  The packet we are providing is a 10 school day plan, so think of it as 2 school weeks.  Also, please keep doing your i-Ready and Xtramath.  

    Again, we hope you all stay well right now and enjoy your time with your family during this unsual situation.



    The 5th Grade Teachers

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    Hey Everyone,

    I hope you're all doing well!  I miss you guys.  I've been keeping up with many teaching online activities.  One thing I saw that I thought was pretty awesome was one of my dreams as a kid: to become a Disney Imagineer!  Disney put together a whole online unit on making a park, story, character!  It's really cool and has great videos to go with it.  This is totally optional and for you to have some fun.  Check it out if  you're interested.  It can help break up any boredom!


    For Storyworks, go to:

    Log is as a student and use the password:




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