Math Grading Policy

  • This year, your child will be receiving a letter grade on their report card for math.  I wanted to explain how my grading system works. 

    1.  Homework - 20%
               This is assigned daily.  If it is handed in on time, the parent portal will read 2/2.
               If it is not done on time and a note is not provided, your child has one day to make up the assignment.  If it is handed in the next day, it's marked late and the parent portal will read 1/2.
               If a late assignment is not completed, your child will not receive credit for the assignment.  The parent portal will read 0/2.

    2.  Quiz - 30%
                These will be given almost every Friday. 
                Spiral Reviews count as one quiz grade each. 
                I will drop the lowest quiz grade each trimester.

    3.  Test - 50%
                A test is given at the end of every unit.  I try to give one weeks notice before every test.  I also hand out detailed review packets, which we use in class and for homework. 
                Trimester exams occur at the end of each trimester.  This counts as one test grade.