Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Both in school and at home, a structured and accommodating environment may benefit children with ADHD. Below are some simple, easy-to-implement strategies for managing ADHD in the classroom. You may wish to discuss these strategies with your child’s teachers.

    • Seat your child away from easy distractions (doors, windows, cubby areas) that can derail focus
    • Allow for structured, frequent break times that provide an outlet for physical energy (eg, allowing your child to help hand out papers or assignments, keep the classroom tidy, or take bathroom or stretch breaks)
    • Schedule your child’s most challenging subjects in the morning, rather than the afternoon when fatigue and frustration are more likely
    • Provide concise directions and break down assignments into smaller sections to avoid overstimulation
    • Provide tactile stimulation, such as silly putty, stress balls, fidget spinners, etc
    • Always offer words of encouragement for good behavior to help keep school a positive place!