Native American Projects

  • Native American Project

         As part of our social studies curriculum we are currently studying the culture of Native Americans and how natural resources were used as a means of survival. In attending the field trip to Hoyt Farm we had a chance to see first-hand many aspects of Native American culture and how this influential group of people shaped the lives we live today.

         As an extension activity, we would like each student to create a project that will depict an aspect of Native American culture. The project is to include a visual and written component. We encourage students to use natural resources and explore the many attributes our land has to offer when creating the visual component. A written component should accompany the visual and explain the relevance of this item to the Native Americans. This project is a great opportunity for the children to expand their knowledge and exhibit their creativity.

    Due date: Monday, 

    Here is a list of ideas. The students are not limited to these choices:

    1.Diagram/mobile of artifacts

    2.Diorama of a wigwam or longhouse

    3.Poster with pictures of a typical village

    4.Time line of the prehistoric period

    5.Create clay pots or woven baskets

    6.Model of the dugout canoe or lean-to shelter

    7.Model of Native American technology/tools

    8.Illustration of natural resources and uses

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.