Trimester #1

  • First Week of School

     Science: Introduction and Safety

    What do you know about science?

    What do scientists do?

    How do scientists work?

    What is the Scientific Method?


    Unit 1

    Life Science: Food Chains, Food Webs, and Food Pyramids

    What makes up a food chain?

    What is a food web?

    What is a food pyramid?

    What is an energy pyramid?

    How do populations affect each other?

    How does digestion occurs in living things?

    What happens to the food that a predator eats?


    Unit 2

     Life Science: Ecology Part II Human Ecology and Environmental Issues

    Where do humans inhabit the earth?

    How do people change the natural earth?

    How are human activities helpful or harmful to the earth?

    What effect do humans have on the living environment?