Math Vocabulary

  • 4th Grade Math Vocabulary

    Topic 1: Numeration

    compare, digits, even, number line, odd

    standard form, period, expanded form, word form, tenth, hundredth, decimal point

    Topic 2:  Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

    difference, regroup, sum, mental math, rounding, tens

    Commutative Property of Addition, Associative Property of Addition, Identity Property of Addition, breaking apart, compensation, counting on, inverse operations

    Topic 3:  Multiplication Meanings and Facts

    breaking apart, array, product, factors, multiple, Commutative Property of Multiplication, Zero Property of Multiplication, Identity Property of Multiplication, Distributive Property

    Topic 4: Division Meanings and Facts

    division, multiple, product

    factor, dividend, divisor, quotient, fact family

    Topic 5:  Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers

    array, factor, product, rounding

    comatible numbers

    Topic 6: Patterns and Expressions

    expression, ordered pair, factors, multiple

    variable, algebraic expression

    Topic 7:  Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

    Commutative Property, Distributive Property, compatible numbers, rounding

    Topic 8:  Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors

    array, compatible numbers, factors, partial products

    remainder, prime number, composite number

    Topic 9:  Lines, Angles, and Shapes

    point, line, plane, parallel lines, intersecting lines, perpendicular lines, line segment, ray, angle, right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, straight angle, degree, protractor, polygon, side, vertex, triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, scalene triangle, right triangle, acute triangle, abtuse triangle, parallelogram, rectangle, square, rhombus, trapezoid

    Topic 10:  Understanding Fractions

    fraction, denominator, benchmark fraction, improper fraction, simplest form, numerator, equivalent fraction, mixed number

    Topic 11:  Adding and Subtracting Fractions

    common factor, denominator, numerator, simplest form

    Topic 12:  Understanding Decimals

    decimal point, hundredth, tenth, greater

    Topic 13:  Operations with Decimals

    decimal, fraction, mixed number, whole number

    Topic 14:  Area and Perimeter

    addition, multiplication, area, perimeter

    Topic 15:  Solids

    line, line segment, ray, rhombus, quadrilateral, solid figure, sphere, cylinder, cone, face, vertex, edge, cube, rectangular prism, triangular prism, rectangular pyramid, square pyramid, net, volume

    Topic 16:  Measurement, Time and Temperature

    length, volume, foot, yard, mile, inch, capacity, weight, ounce, pound, ton, millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, kilometer, meter, milliliter, liter, mass, gram, kilogram, elapsed time, degrees Fahrenheit, degrees Celsius

    Topic 17: Data and Graphs

    minute, seconds, negative, thermometer

    survey, bar graph, interval, scale, line plot, outlier, coordinate grid, ordered pair, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, mean, meadian, mode, range, line graph, trend, stem-and-leaf plot, circle graph

    Topic 18: Equations

    data, scale, survey, mean

    equation, inequality

    Topic 19:  Transformations, Congruence, and Symmetry

    inequality, equation

    translation, reflection, rotation, congruent, symmetric, rotational symmetry, line of symmetry

    Topic 20:  Probability

    outcome, tree diagram, certain, likely, unlikely, impossible, probability