The 12 Systems of Strategic Actions - Thinking About Your Reading

  • The 12 Systems of Strategic Actions


     Ways of Thinking             Systems of Strategic Actions for Processing Written Texts



    With the Text

    Solving Words

    • Using a range of strategies to take words apart and understand what words mean.

    Monitoring and Correcting

    • Checking whether reading sounds right, looks right, and makes sense, and working to solve problems.

    Searching for and Using Information

    • Searching for and using all kinds of information in a text.


    • Putting together and remembering important information and disregarding irrelevant information while reading.

    Maintaining Fluency

    • Integrating sources of information in a smoothly operating process that results in expressive, phrased reading.


    • Reading in different ways as appropriate to the purpose for reading and type of text.



    The Text


    • Using what is known to think about what will follow while reading continuous text.

    Making Connections (Personal, World. Text)

    • Searching for and using connections to knowledge gained through personal experiences, learning about the world, and reading other texts.


    • Going beyond the literal meaning of a text to think about what is not stated but is implied by the writer.


    • Putting together information form the text and from the reader’s own background knowledge in order to create new understandings.



    About the Text


    • Examining elements of a text to know more about how it is constructed and noticing aspects of the writer’s craft.


    • Evaluating a text based on the reader’s personal, world or text knowledge and thinking critically about the ideas in it.

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