• subject books


    Language Arts:

    1. Reading: Mystery, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction, Author Study
    2. Writing:  RAFT, SCOPE, Realistic Fiction, Poetry, Research Paper, Test Taking
    3. Language/Grammar: Punctuation, Sentences, Nouns, Possessive Adjectives, Commas, Subject/Predicate, Pronouns, Adverbs
    4. Listening
    5. Speaking



    1. Number Sense and Operations
    2. Algebra
    3. Geometry
    4. Measurement
    5. Statistics and Probability


    Social Studies:

    1. History:  Native American Indians of New York State, Colonial and Revolutionary Periods, The Revolutionary War in New York State, The New Nation
    2. Geography:  Three Worlds (Europe, the Americas, Africa) meet in the Americas
    3. Civics, Citizenship and Government:  Government, Purposes of Government, Local and State Governments



    1. Organizing Ourselves for Doing Science
    2. Food Chains, Food Webs and Food Pyramids
    3. Human Ecology and Environmental Issues
    4. Matter, Energy and Forces
    5. Simple Machines
    6. The Earth



    1. Personal and Family Health
    2. Safety and Injury Prevention
    3. Nutrition and Physical Activity
    4. Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention