Homework Policy

  • Room 307 Homework Policy



    Why assign homework?:

    Homework reinforces the learning that goes on every day in class.  It also gives students the chance to practice without the pressure of time.  Homework teaches students to organize their time, to use good study skills, and to develop responsibility.  Homework can be the link between school and home.  It gives parents the opportunity to get involved with their children’s education.  Your child will work harder-and better-if you’re interested.


    When will homework be assigned?:

      Homework will be assigned Monday –Friday nights.  Assignments should take about 45 minutes to complete each night, not including work on special projects.  Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes a day.  In addition to reading the book, your child will be required to write a summary, answer questions or complete a graphic organizer.


    Parent Homework Responsibilities:  Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children.  Therefore, I ask that parents provide necessary supplies and a quiet homework environment.  Also, set a daily homework time and provide praise and support.  Parents are responsible to sign your child’s agenda daily after reviewing their child's work.


    If Students Do Not Complete Homework: 

    If students do not do their homework, it will be indicated in the front of their agenda books.  The student will be asked to complete their homework during recesses. 

    All missed homework will be recorded and will be reflected in their grades.  If students make up homework the next day it will be accepted, but incomplete marks will not be removed.


    Please read and discuss this homework policy with your child.  Then sign and return the bottom portion of they letter to school.



    I have read this homework policy and discussed it with my child.


    Parents Signature:  ________________________________________________


    Students Signature:  _______________________________________________


    Date:  _______________________

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