Supply List

  •   Student Supplies (please label these items)

    *3 pocket folders (bottom pocket only – yellow, orange and blue)

    *8 marble composition notebooks


    *Crayons (24 pack or less)

    *Colored Pencils (12 pack or less) or *Fine line markers (12 pack or less)

    *3 highlighters

    *Zippered pencil case (no boxes please)

    *ruler (inch and centimeter marking)

    *clipboard (thin with a flat clip for easy storage in desk)


    Other Supplies (do not label these items)

    *Package of sharpened #2 pencils (24 pencils)


    *8 small glue sticks

    *2 red pens

    *2 green pens

    *2 black erasable pens

    (The four in one pens are also acceptable and preferred. Just be sure they have traditional red, green, black and blue.  You will need 2 of these.)

    *Post-it notes

    *2 packages of index cards (3x5/ruled)

    *1 package of loose leaf paper


    Optional Supplies (items appreciated for the classroom)


    *Baby wipes

    *fun tac

    *2 dry erase markers

    *1 package of ziplock bags 


              Boys-gallon sized


    Supplies to Keep at Home

    *Flashcards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)