Health - Opt-out Forms

  • Dear Parents,

    As our Mission Statement indicates, The Eastport South Manor School District “Through an alliance of educators, parents, students and community the district will provide a supportive, safe, dynamic learning environment and will strive to graduate students of good character who are intellectually, physically and socially developed and who are as well prepared as possible for their future.”

    As you may know, Health Education courses are required by New York State for all students in sixth grade and at the high school level. These courses are taught by certified health teachers. The district has worked closely with the community to develop and revise a comprehensive health program that is clear, culturally sensitive, and age appropriate, and which meets national and state health standards. Our Health and Safety Advisory Group, which includes parents, makes recommendations for curriculum content, implementation and evaluation of health instruction. It is the district’s intent to provide all students with the skills to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and services, which will enhance their health and help them achieve their educational goals.

    However, we recognize that children mature at different rates and that some families may have concerns about their child’s study of certain health and hygiene topics. If you would like further  information, please contact me at 801-3310.

    Commissioner’s Regulations allow you to have your child excused from instruction concerning the methods of prevention of AIDS, with an assurance that your child will receive said instruction at home. If you want your child excused from AIDS prevention instruction, you must fill out the form below entitled, “Non-Participation Request and Statement of Assurance Regarding AIDS Prevention Education” and return the completed form to the building principal.

    In addition, under certain circumstances, State Education Law allows you to have your child excused from health and hygiene topics which conflict with your religion.  Specifically, the law requires that such conflict be certified by a proper representative of your religion, and be approved by the Commissioner of Education.

    If you desire to have your child excused from health and hygiene topics which conflict with your religion, please contact me to obtain the necessary forms to accomplish this.

    We hope that you find this information helpful and that, through our cooperative efforts and concerns, we can empower our children with the ability and desire to thrive as life-long learners. Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact me at (631) 801-3310.


    Bill Madsen

    Director of Health


  • N.Y. State Commissioner’s Regulations - Section 135.3 (b) (2) and (c) (2) state, in pertinent part:

    No pupil shall be required to receive instruction concerning the methods of prevention of AIDS, if the parent or legal guardian of such pupil has filed with the principal of the school which the pupil attends a written request that the pupil not participate in such instruction with an assurance that the pupil will receive said instruction at home


  • Education Law - Section 3204(5) states:

    Subject to rules and regulations of the board of regents, a pupil may consistent with the requirements of public education and public health, be excused from such study of health and hygiene as conflicts with the religion of his parents or guardian. Such conflict must be certified by a proper representative of their religion as defined in section two of the religious corporation law

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