Catapult Project



    Welcome to eighth grade Technology Education!




    We are proud to introduce "The Catapult".


    The catapult design criterion presents us with many challenges: practicality, functionality, and safety. Practicality will be measured or controlled by the amount of materials available to each individual project. This will force designs to be limited to simply functionality.  The goal or challenge will be to hit a castle twenty feet away.  Not only will hitting the castle help improve your grade, your grade can improve drastically if you can hit the castle in more challenging or important locations.  Flexibility built into the design may give you the edge over other catapult designs.




    Safety is imperative in your design, as well.  You cannot design a project without safety as the priority.  We must be able to use the catapult multiple times and it cannot damage or inflict pain on the operator, room, table, ceiling tiles or, especially, classmates.  This can be obtained by simply designing a project that is durable, reliable, and has a place to hold the catapult during firing. If you come prepared to learn and follow directions, no problem should be impossible to overcome.  Examples will be provided for you.




    We are looking forward to an exciting and educational year.




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